Then, we process
the data

All data are geo and time stamped, Data is processed,
consolidated and added to the previous captures, creating
a 4-dimensional environment. A "virtual twin" of your
building is created and enriched every time we capture new data.

Finally, we allow
you to visualize
the data

Through our platform, you can navigate with your desktop or mobile device through your project's "virtual twin" and go back in time at any point to see previous captures Our platform is accessible via internet with your desktop or your mobile device We even are able to implement the solution with a VR headset for an complete immersive experience.

Space Time provide its
clients with:

  1. Digital twins of their properties under progress where they
    can evolve remotely in 4 dimensions within space and time.
  2. Big data intelligence and automated analysis bringing key
    insights for value-added decision making
  3. Reporting tools facilitating communication and interactions
    between all stakeholders of a project