SpaceTime 4D per phase

Why should each phases of your construction be digitalise?

Through the SpaceTime universe, digitalisation after work by different tradespeople becomes a control centre for everyone involved in the work: the project manager, site manager, subcontractors, design office, insurance companies and experts. It is provided to the project owner as a database in case of future modifications. These data are provided in 3D format, and in Application SpaceTime 4D format for customers wishing to document their unit(s). In principle, this takes place in the form of an acceptance of the premises after work is done by tradespeople. The project manager or coordinator responsible for the site is responsible for contacting SpaceTime in advance to organise the procedure at the right time. The date received can be used as a basis for control, invoicing and a smart-contracting system can be set up based on your existing invoicing systems. 

Laser scanning HD = 60 min / 80 m2 net area of a unit (max)

Dynamic scanning = 15 min / 100 m2 (not eligible for the 4D Application) 

Why use SpaceTime technology to do it?

SpaceTime's punctual and systematic data collection provides the basis for the digital twin and subsequent steps. The professionals in charge of the construction site, architects, design office, subcontractors and others can receive documentation of the built assets of each phase in the format corresponding to their software (Revit, Archicad, Autocad, Bricscad, etc see leaflet) These data are of added value in the event of claims during the ten-year guarantee, in the event of future modifications or as As-Built documentation during the entire life of the building until its deconstruction.