Why digitalise the installation of frames?

Through the SpaceTime universe, digitalisation after the installation of frames becomes a control center for everyone involved in the work: the project manager, the site manager, the design office, the insurance company, the experts, and as a data base in case of future modifications.In principle, the work is carried out after all the frame has been installed, theoretically after the inspection office has checked and rectified the frame and before concreting.

Laser scanning HD = 10 min set-up + 60 min / 150 m2

Dynamic scanning (not recommended): 10 min / 100m2

Why use Space Time technology to do it?

SpaceTime's punctual data collection provides the basis for the digital twin and subsequent steps. This data is of added value in the event of claims or future changes.

This information was used on the sites digitalised by SpaceTime to: