Underground networks / pipeline

Why should the underground networks of a construction site be degitalized?

Through the SpaceTime universe, digitalisation after the laying of the different underground networks becomes a control center for all persons linked to the works: the project manager, the site manager, the engineering office, who can make use of the underground network data to find technical data such as the slopes of the pipes, the progress of the laying etc. SpaceTime is involved directly after the laying of a part of a section (10 linear metres, 20 lm, 50 lm etc. depending on the laying method).

Why use Space Time technology to do it?

Knowing that it is difficult to keep control of underground networks and pipes, SpaceTime's regular in-situ data collection provides immediate access to the execution of the different installation phases. The owner can call on SpaceTime for a control of each installed section, which results in a report on the slopes of the networks within 24 hours.

This information was used on the sites digitalised by SpaceTime to:

"“We found that even after a standard check by a foreman of the conformity of the laying of the networks and the related slopes, some sections did not at all satisfy the slopes prescribed on the execution plans. This could lead to significant maintenance costs during the operating phase of the building, costs which in this case were saved from the start of the work in a few steps, due entirely to our slope check service”"

Antonino Mancuso - Surveyor responsible for technical analysis - Space Time