Digitalization of excavation

Why should the excavation be digitalized? 

Through the SpaceTime universe, the digitalisation of excavation becomes a control centre for everyone involved in the work: the excavator, the project manager, the site manager, the design office and the quantity surveyor, who can use the excavation monitoring data to come to a common agreement on the volumes removed during the excavation, leaving no doubt as to the invoicing of these volumes.

Why use spacetime technology to do it? 

Knowing that it is difficult to keep control of the masses excavated and evacuated, SpaceTime's regular in-situ data collection provides a general view of the execution as well as details of each load on site. In addition, more information may emerge as the frequency of collection increases (monthly, weekly or daily).

Use the data collected by Space Time


Being able to access relevant information during and after work is carried out is an excellent measurement tool for managers who normally have to trust the accounts submitted by our clients, and the figures seen by our employees, which often leads to disputes over the actual work done.


Mark - Technical director of a general construction company, 250 employees