Ensure the smart execution of your projects

A new quality standard provided by our transparency solution "Real as Built"

Reduce construction management costs

Minimise professional liability risks

Enhance construction material recycling process

Find new synergies between the different stakeholders and facilitate complex structures

  • Gain time by accessing remotely to your "virtual twin" 24/7 via our platform
  • Optimise interactions and interventions between all construction stakeholders
  • Manage potential problems quickly and efficiently

Reduce potential construction errors

  • Identify construction errors before it is too late using 4D by comparing automatically the as-built to the plans and BIM
  • Manage and coordinate the repairs with accuracy
  • Save time and money

Remotely control one or multiple sites and their evolution

Find a problem's origin in detail, even years later

Travel through time to see all the different stages of your project thanks to your project's digital twin

Identify where the the project comes from the origin of a problem and the direct way to solve it

Save time and money in the fastidious problem research of a problem’s origin

Facilitate transformation or extension